Thermotec Plastics introduces new innovative and cost effective hybrid design solution for JLR project


Thermotec Plastics Ltd. has just introduced a new crank tray for Jaguar Land Rover with an innovative hybrid design that utilises vacuum forming for flexibility and injection moulding for repeatability and robustness. 

Based on the customer’s changing needs Thermotec, who specialises in vacuum formed parts, partnered with local injection moulding company Glendenning Plastics Ltd to develop a solution that future proofs design changes in customer components allowing the less expensive, vacuum form option to be removed and replaced, as an alternative to retooling and redesigning the expensive injection moulded element for subsequent parts.

The product is being used with a pick and place robotics with an integrated vision system – which requires specific indicators for that system to recognize placement of parts.  From paper concept to product has been just a 10 week process; and the timeframe for changes should be shortened to 5 Weeks.   The whole project, from design to tooling and manufacturing has been done within a 50 mile radius in the Midlands. 

“We are really pleased with the cost effectiveness of this solution,” said The Automation Engineer of Jaguar Land Rover.  “Thermotec Plastics gave us a great product and a long-term answer to an ongoing requirement that ensures we meet our manufacturing goals with less tooling and faster turnaround when changes are needed.”

“This has been a great project to showcase what innovative thinking can do for our customers,” stated Gary Hingley, Technical Sales Director, Thermotec Plastics.  “It’s also a good indicator of the range of capabilities available within the Midlands to deliver excellent manufacturing solutions.”